New Boiler Installation

At Meadows Plumbing and Heating Services we pride ourselves on being able to deliver upon your new boiler installation requirements. We understand through many years of experience in industry that having a new boiler installed can sometimes be seen as an inconvenience. However our professional and friendly team are always on hand to support.

Once your new boiler is installed we ensure that we dispose of your old system as well. Sometimes an older boiler may contain poisonous materials. We are trained to deal with and dispose of this safely. Also, we ensure that all materials are taken away from your home so it is left clean and tidy when the job is completed.

Why do I need a New Boiler Installed?

Having a new boiler installed can sometimes be seen as an inconvenience, however carrying out this work can really save you money in the long run. A number of older boilers are prone to breakdown if they have not been maintained correctly. And with new boilers being released yearly, obtaining parts can sometimes be expensive.

New boiler installation does come with a number of benefits which are going to help your home. One of the main focuses for our customers however is the efficiency and how this will translate into cost saving. A new boiler will run at full efficiency as long as it is maintained and looked after. Many of our clients have seen a third of their heating bill saved per quarter. And put into a 10 year life cycle this will contribute to a new boiler to be installed.

When you have a new boiler installed you are covered under your warranty for any part failures as long as it is registered. We also offer boiler servicing so we are able to come to your home once per year.

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Boiler Installation

Choosing Your New Boiler

The biggest decision that many of our customers face is choosing which boiler is going to be best for their home, but also the most cost effective. This is where we come in. Having worked in the industry for a number of years we have worked in a variety of homes, all requiring different elements.

We work with Worcester Bosch boilers as they are the best in our industry. From working exclusively with these we have gained a really deep understanding of the features and benefits of their products. This therefore enables us to be able to advise our customers on what is going to be best for them.

However, if you already know what you would like and have done your research that is also great!

Benefits of a New Boiler

There are numerous benefits to having a new boiler installed, all of which are going to show some form of benefit to your home. The most common which most of our customers focus on is the efficiency of the boiler. If you have a more efficient boiler then you are likely to save money per month on your heating bill.

Another key benefit our customers look for is safety. A new boiler is less likely to develop any form of carbon monoxide leak. This is down to its age, and also the level of care we take when installing. Other benefits will include better heating control, and also space saving.

As you can see the benefits of a new boiler are great. Deciding on the best boiler to be installed, the installation cost and the aftercare are all areas which we can support you with. As a business we are customer focused to ensure you are receiving the best service.

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We work with the leading boiler manufacturers

We choose our partners as carefully as we choose our boilers, meaning we only work with the best. We’re proud of the relationships we’ve forged with the country’s leading manufacturers over the years, as they’ve helped us give you the very best quality and service.

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